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Sunday Spotlight #1 Nov 10

There are two spotlights today.  The first introduces an upcoming series and the second concerns our magazine Blood Reign Lit Mag.

Meet Kristina

Local Halloween events such as The 13th Gate, House of Shock, Rougarou Fest, The Mortuary, Booseum, Lutheran Church Fall Fest (courtesy of Ann Lapeyrouse-Dyer )


Join members of Serial Thrillerz to watch The Carrie Remake or catch us at the RougeGarou Fest.  Kristina will be reading Lou P. Garou by Lesa Grant Feazel at Black List Martial Arts at 7 pm on Corporate Drive in Houma.

New Family Fright Selection

Tonight I review Scary Godmother “SpookTacular.”  A television movie that is based on the children’s book series by Jill Thompson and plays on Cartoon Network.