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Site updates

Thrillerz 13, Blood Reign, and The Kristina Writes website will all be experiencing a major redesign this week. We apologize for any disruption in your reading pleasure. For more up to date information in the coming days please like or visit our Facebook fan pages:,, and

Thrillerz 13 will be adding a full list of author services and links to some great small/indy publishing resources. Blood Reign will update its payment schedule and anthology information. Kristina writes will be posting direct buy links to all material written by Kristina Stancil.


What a day

I spent the day working on “Terror Twins.” ¬†I wrote a little over 7,000 words and I have at least another 20,000 to go before I am remotely satisfied. ¬†Although ultimately, I may trim it down.


Now I am going to see if I can transition into some non fiction since I missed Random Movie Monday and the Sunday Night Spotlight.