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Supernatural Saturday Nite Remakes “The Fog”

Remake of The Fog starring Tom Welling, Adrienne Barbeau, and Selma Blair

Random Movie Monday

The first Random Movie Monday is Disney’s Goofy Movie!  Jason Marsden is a popular character and voice actor.  He is currently a part of a series.  He has appeared in previous reviews, Eerie, Indiana and Hocus Pocus.  Two other movies that we’ll be reviewing is Blue Like Jazz and High Hopes.

Family Fright Oct 11th

Tonight’s another movie with the incredible Jason Marsden.  Hocus Pocus is one of the most beloved Halloween movies of all time!

First Throwback Thursday



The first ever Throwback Thursday features a surprise for my fans.  My dirty little secret is that I love John Wayne.  I’m not big on his military movies but his Westerns and movies like the Quiet Man I love!  A review of The Duke’s 1963 classic, “McClintock,” my favorite of his is live now on my New Orleans Movie Examiner page.

Blood Reign Lit Magazine

I am the managing editor at Blood Reign Lit Magazine.  We will open submissions for our first issue on October 13, but first issue will most like not come out until Friday the 13th December 2013 depending on the amount of submissions received.  For information visit our website, or like us on facebook,

What a day

I spent the day working on “Terror Twins.”  I wrote a little over 7,000 words and I have at least another 20,000 to go before I am remotely satisfied.  Although ultimately, I may trim it down.


Now I am going to see if I can transition into some non fiction since I missed Random Movie Monday and the Sunday Night Spotlight.

Supernatural Sat Nite Review: Remakes #1

October 5, 2013 is the first review in the horror remake series.  This inaugural edition is Rob Zombie’s Halloween which didn’t impress me much and apparently I’m not the only one. Column features a quote from HWA 3x Bram Stoker Finalist and 4x WHC Bram Stoker MC Jeff Strand.

New Series Horror Remakes

Debuting tonight, OCT 5 2013: Horror Movie remakes.  If I have already reviewed the original or remake I will review the other.  If in the case of Amityville and I did a comparison review then I will review a sequel that makes sense in the series or does not make sense.

Family Fright Night

Family Fright Night is an overview of “Eerie, Indiana,” a cult classic from the 1990s that seems to be a G rated version of the uber popular WB series, Supernatural.

Nick Toons Special

Nick Toons joins the Halloween madness with special Halloween episodes.