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Family Movie night

Family movie night is live with Men in Black 2


Throwback Thursday “Men In Black 1”

Men in Black is a 1997 comedy starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. This is the first of three successful movies in this franchise based off of a Marvel Comic.

Double Feature

This week’s Throwback Thursday offers a double feature.  On the New Orleans Movie Examiner page I will be reviewing Men in Black and on the New Orleans Horror Movie page is a review of Nightmare on Elm Street 2

Spotlight: Paul Walker


Heaven has gained a new angel.  One who loved animals, children, charity work, and living on the edge.  This week’s spotlight is on Fast N’ The Furious Star Paul Walker.

Wacky Wednesday “Jay and Silent Bob”

A look at Jay and Silent Bob

My abscence

For those who follow my “Supernatural Saturday Night” Series may wonder where I was last weekend.  I had planned to review the Carrie remake and launch my series on Sequels with the wildly popular Scream franchise from horror master mind, Wes Craven as a tie in to previous reviews of his work.

Friday afternoon while attempting to clean and move my office from one location to another (which still hasn’t been completed either) I happened to be watching the news WNOL when it was announced that Officer Taylor Segura of Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Department had been killed the night before.  I first met Taylor at Nicholls University where were apart of the last class of criminal justice students they produced.  I was one of the non-officers  and had the honor of being one of the only members of a study group that was not an active officer in some way.

I was somewhat of a wreck this past weekend and just could not give my attention to my beloved horror genre especially the scheduled appearance on Zombie Talk Radio promoting Blood Reign Literary Magazine and its December launch.  Very few things have been completed due to Taylor’s loss and I’m currently trying to play catch up.

We buried Taylor on Monday as a cherished member of the law enforcement community. 

The Unknown first “review”

Okay so Word Soup is not exactly a ‘review,’ its more of an editorial guest spot on a blog run by Horror Writer’s Association active member, Patrick Freivald.  However he chose a portion of The Unknown, book 1 in the “Terror Twins” series to dissect to provide a crisp clearer copy.



View a sample of The Unknown, edited by Patrick Freivald here:

New Family Fright Selection

Tonight I review Scary Godmother “SpookTacular.”  A television movie that is based on the children’s book series by Jill Thompson and plays on Cartoon Network.

Random Movie Monday

The first Random Movie Monday is Disney’s Goofy Movie!  Jason Marsden is a popular character and voice actor.  He is currently a part of a series.  He has appeared in previous reviews, Eerie, Indiana and Hocus Pocus.  Two other movies that we’ll be reviewing is Blue Like Jazz and High Hopes.

October is horror month!

I just posted an article on Examiner about my goals to write every day this month in honor of horror month.