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October is horror month!

I just posted an article on Examiner about my goals to write every day this month in honor of horror month.


New Series Horror Remakes

Debuting tonight, OCT 5 2013: Horror Movie remakes.  If I have already reviewed the original or remake I will review the other.  If in the case of Amityville and I did a comparison review then I will review a sequel that makes sense in the series or does not make sense.

13 days myself?

I’m debating on doing a 13 days marathon myself coming in October. Only I’m not sure what movies I should review. Should I go with the Top 13 of my favorite Horror movies I’ve already reviewed several of them or should I do a list of the 13 Best Paranormal family movies? It’s really up in the air right now! I would love fan feedback.

Supernatural Saturday Night Live Now

Adam Green brought Kane Hodder back to the big screen!  Hodder’s cult following attracted much needed attention to Green’s initial movie, “Hatchet.”  Now back for its second installment released in 2010 and this year’s release of Hatchet 3, Victor Crowley could very well overcome the popularity of Jason!


Brilliantly written by Green and starring some big names in horror Hatchet 2 is now up on Examiner as this week’s supernatural saturday night movie of the week.