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Sunday Spotlight #1 Nov 10

There are two spotlights today.  The first introduces an upcoming series and the second concerns our magazine Blood Reign Lit Mag.

October is horror month!

I just posted an article on Examiner about my goals to write every day this month in honor of horror month.

New Series Horror Remakes

Debuting tonight, OCT 5 2013: Horror Movie remakes.  If I have already reviewed the original or remake I will review the other.  If in the case of Amityville and I did a comparison review then I will review a sequel that makes sense in the series or does not make sense.

13 days myself?

I’m debating on doing a 13 days marathon myself coming in October. Only I’m not sure what movies I should review. Should I go with the Top 13 of my favorite Horror movies I’ve already reviewed several of them or should I do a list of the 13 Best Paranormal family movies? It’s really up in the air right now! I would love fan feedback.

ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween

Last year over 1.9 million viewers were glued to ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween marathon! This year is set up to be an amazing year! Here is my article promoting the marathon for examiner!

Supernatural Saturday Night

I am ahead of schedule!  Yay me!


Supernatural Saturday Night is written!  A review of Adam Green’s Hatchet 3 will go live Aug. 24, 2013 at 5 p.m. via the link provided below.  Saturday I will be pushing this again to social media outlets like Twitter via @kstancil13 @thrillerz13 , on the Thrillerz facebook page, on my facebook author page, linkedin, and pinterest.  I’m experimenting with not giving out spoilers, especially if I enjoy the movie.  With Kane Hodder and Adam Green teaming up I have to say I am always amused if not a little disgusted.  The Hatchet 3 viewing team described my realization that Kane got to kill a character played by an actor who played Jason after him as “disturbingly gleeful.”