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October is horror month!

I just posted an article on Examiner about my goals to write every day this month in honor of horror month.


New Series Horror Remakes

Debuting tonight, OCT 5 2013: Horror Movie remakes.  If I have already reviewed the original or remake I will review the other.  If in the case of Amityville and I did a comparison review then I will review a sequel that makes sense in the series or does not make sense.

Supernatural Saturday Night

I am ahead of schedule!  Yay me!


Supernatural Saturday Night is written!  A review of Adam Green’s Hatchet 3 will go live Aug. 24, 2013 at 5 p.m. via the link provided below.  Saturday I will be pushing this again to social media outlets like Twitter via @kstancil13 @thrillerz13 , on the Thrillerz facebook page, on my facebook author page, linkedin, and pinterest.  I’m experimenting with not giving out spoilers, especially if I enjoy the movie.  With Kane Hodder and Adam Green teaming up I have to say I am always amused if not a little disgusted.  The Hatchet 3 viewing team described my realization that Kane got to kill a character played by an actor who played Jason after him as “disturbingly gleeful.”