My Writing

Kristina writes in a variety of genres.  She has two series that are borderline romance (Fox Inc and Agency), Paranormal Series (The Terror Twins), a children’s book (Eddie The Monkey), a collection of poetry (Shades of Me), and nonfiction.  She wrote a book “Self Publishing and Self Promotion Made Easy,” and contributes regularly to Serial Killer Magazine.

Her nonfiction True Crime, Murder and Mayhem in North Mississippi is expected to be apart of the History Press’ 2018 catalog.

Kristina is also the owner of Thrillerz 13 Entertainment.  She is currently working as their Managing and Acquisitions editor.  Thrillerz 13 is in the process of launching Blood Reign Literary Magazine; a magazine that specializes in horror, dark fiction, and fantasy.  Once a year Thrillerz 13 is planning on launching an anthology in October from their writers.

Kristina has a page on Amazon. Click here to view the complete list of Kristina’s work.


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