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Supernatural Sat Night Schedule

Coming Soon:


Monday and Tuesday columns pre-written!

Kristina has written and posted movies for Monday and Tuesday.  These columns are known as “Random Movie Monday” and “True Tuesday.”


Monday is a review of “Scream 2” and Tuesday is Scream 3.  We are now approaching the newer movies in each franchise.  Scream 4 and The Curse of Chucky are looming on the horizon.  The links and the times that each article go live are listed below:

December 16 at 8am

December 17 at 4am

Sunday Spotlight #1 Nov 10

There are two spotlights today.  The first introduces an upcoming series and the second concerns our magazine Blood Reign Lit Mag.

Random Movie Monday

The first Random Movie Monday is Disney’s Goofy Movie!  Jason Marsden is a popular character and voice actor.  He is currently a part of a series.  He has appeared in previous reviews, Eerie, Indiana and Hocus Pocus.  Two other movies that we’ll be reviewing is Blue Like Jazz and High Hopes.

October is horror month!

I just posted an article on Examiner about my goals to write every day this month in honor of horror month.