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True Tuesday returns

True Tuesday returns and coincides with Blood Reign’s next edition:

Blood Reign Announcement

Review of April Fool’s Day 1986

The Return

Supernatural Saturday Night returns with a review of Ken Russell’s Gothic.

Site updates

Thrillerz 13, Blood Reign, and The Kristina Writes website will all be experiencing a major redesign this week. We apologize for any disruption in your reading pleasure. For more up to date information in the coming days please like or visit our Facebook fan pages:,, and

Thrillerz 13 will be adding a full list of author services and links to some great small/indy publishing resources. Blood Reign will update its payment schedule and anthology information. Kristina writes will be posting direct buy links to all material written by Kristina Stancil.

Family Movie night

Family movie night is live with Men in Black 2

Throwback Thursday “Men In Black 1”

Men in Black is a 1997 comedy starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. This is the first of three successful movies in this franchise based off of a Marvel Comic.

Double Feature

This week’s Throwback Thursday offers a double feature.  On the New Orleans Movie Examiner page I will be reviewing Men in Black and on the New Orleans Horror Movie page is a review of Nightmare on Elm Street 2

Faces of Fear Official Schedule

Real Life

There is a particular reason that this post is entitled “Real Life.”

Most of the things that get posted here are mostly to update people on things that Kristina has written.  However, on Sunday night she had to take her oldest to the hospital in regards to his ‘special needs’ related problems.  He has been hospitalized for evaluation and on behalf of the Thrillerz 13/Blood Reign staff she has asked us to  pass along her thanks for the well wishes and prayers from friends and co-workers of the Christian Coalition Against Gang Violence.

This is a very trying time for her and she is trying to get things back on track.