Kristina Stancil is an author and freelance journalist.  She has a Masters of Humanities from Tiffin University with a concentration in English and a BA in Social and Criminal Justice from Ashford University.  She previously wrote for Examiner.com writing reviews of horror movies.  As of 2017 she has been a frequently contributor to Serial Killer Magazine.

Kristina is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the American Crime Writers League.

She previously served as the initial curriculum chair for the Horror Writers Association and was most recently the Chapter Chair for the Gulf Coast Chapter.  She had to step down due to medical issues.

Kristina is the managing editor of the parahorror literary magazine, Blood Reign and the new crime site on Patreon, Fresh Eyes.  The Supernatural Saturday Night and True Tuesday columns are now available on Hubpages.  You can read those articles here.

Kristina is the author of Murder & Mayhem in North Mississippi, a new edition to The History Press’ Murder & Mayhem True Crime series.  It has been given a June 4, 2018 release date.  She is also the Fox Inc series, (a crime drama under revision), its spin off Enter The Warrior, a children’s book entitled Eddie The Monkey, Shades of Me Poetry Collection, a nonfiction marketing guide entitled Self-Publishing and Marketing Made Easy, and a collection of academic writing she wrote while attending Tiffin University.  She is currently in the process of publishing an early reader children’s book, Frankie Gets Lost.  It’s a children’s book featuring favorite horror movie monsters as children.

She is currently working on a paranormal crime series about an FBI agent that can speak to ghosts and is helping her son, Jason on his first work of fiction about the zombie apocalypse.  She is also the editor of Sara McKenzie Devlin’s wrestling fiction, Sins of the Father.

From December 2012 to March 2013 Kristina was voted to the Board of Directors for the Christian Against Gang Violence Ministries.  She served as the non-profits Interim Chief Operations Officer and as the Curriculum Designer for their Writing School.


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